Understanding Cannabis

Cannabis has been used for millennia to treat pain, nausea and anxiety, but researchers are now finding positive outcomes to the use of cannabinoids for seizure, almost all forms of inflammation and even brain trauma. Many traditional drugs prescribed for these illnesses and ailments carry hard-to-swallow side effects as well as dangerous interactions with other medications. Cannabis is proving to be an attractive alternative.

Clinical Trials & Research

Now that cannabis use has been legalized in Canada, we look forward to expanded clinical trials and access to research. While we understand a great deal about cannabis and the endocannabinoid system, there is still much to discover about its uses and benefits. 

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Understanding The Endocannabinoid System

Endocannabinoids are receptors and corresponding molecules found throughout our bodies. They help to maintain a stable environment in our bodies. Everything from digestion, to sleep patterns, to communication throughout the body, to immune function and memory is regulated by endocannabinoids. When our bodies experience trauma or become ill, sometimes the endocannabinoid system becomes suppressed. As we are learning more about this system in the human body, applications for use of cannabis are expanding.

Dosage 101

When prescribing cannabis, it is always best to start with a lower dose and adjust as needed. Every person’s body, symptoms and needs are unique.

Canadian Family Physician has put out a Clinical Practice Guideline for dosing.

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🍁5 years of legalization! What a ride it continues to be!🎢 There are many issues and obstacles still very prominent in this industry, however, Canadians have never had this much access to convenient and safe cannabis and at the best value. And that’s something to celebrate! 🎉Happy 10/17 from Joi!💚
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At Joi, we prioritize the health of our mother plants. Here are some key factors we consider:

📈Vigorous Growth: We select plants with strong, lush growth, including sturdy stems and vibrant foliage.
💪Disease and Pest Resistance: Our chosen mother plants exhibit resistance to common cannabis diseases and pests.
😋Desired Traits: We focus on selecting mother plants that possess the specific traits we want to propagate, like potency, flavors, and yields.
🧬Genetic Stability: We ensure our mother plants come from stable and consistent genetic strains, preserving desired traits in offspring.
🧑‍⚕️Optimal Health and Nutrition: We provide tailored nutrition, lighting, ventilation, and temperature control to maintain optimal conditions.
✂️Pruning and Training: Regular pruning and training help us maintain shape, encourage branching, and remove diseased or damaged parts.
☮️Minimize Stress: We avoid sudden environmental changes, nutrient imbalances, overwatering, and inadequate lighting to minimize stress on our plants.
♻️Renewal and Replacement: Recognizing limited lifespan, we periodically replace mother plants with healthy specimens for fresh genetic material.

At Joi, we follow these guidelines to cultivate healthy mother plants that provide consistent and high-quality clones for our cannabis garden 🌱We hope you can feel the difference in the care we take in all our flowers 💚

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😍🍊🍰Orange Kush Cake is becoming a stash staple. Also known as OKC, Orange Kush Cake is from the lineage ((Wedding Cake x Jilly Bean) x Triangle Kush) x Mandarin Cookies R2. This particular variety was chosen in part for its unique terpene structure bringing rich, complicated aromas of sharp orange, citrus, gas, sour candy, and earthy sandalwood. Who love`s these OKC terps?✨ ...