• 2.25.2019

Craft Growers Have Their Focus on Quality

Craft cannabis has growers across Canada, elbows deep in soil… and opportunity. The cannabis race has seen numerous models and concepts entering the new market hoping to reap success and longevity. While no one concept has emerged as a clear leader in the space, one advantage craft growers are hoping will set them apart is quality.

The growers at Joi Botanicals are small with intent. They have invested their efforts and start-up capital into one thing – exceptional quality of flower. Everything from the growing medium, to the nutrients, to the humidity and temperature, and the relationships built with cultivars has been part of their effort to harvest flowers of extraordinary quality.

Each strain demands a unique and precise environment to reach maturity. Each strain grows in a room where humidity, temperature, co2 levels, nutrient feeds and lighting is automated to maintain perfect growing conditions. All monitoring is overseen in person and flower cycles are never cut short to meet a production timeline.

“We started Joi Botanicals to bring a superior product to market,” says Jeff Karren, President of Joi Botanicals.  “By tailoring our production processes to emphasize quality over quantity and by employing dedicated and passionate personnel, we are confident that consumers will appreciate the fruits of our labour.”

While many following the cannabis market have their focus on the numbers and scaling-up, the growers at Joi Botanicals remain focused on precision, knowledge and most importantly – flowers.